“Pacific Development Foundation helps Coral Reefs”

By its social actions, the Pacific Development Foundation obviously extends its action towards the populations of the Pacific which are increasingly confronted, with climate change. The opening of the Pacific Islands Forum is quickly approaching and is set for early August 2019. When the leaders of the Pacific countries get off the plane at Funafuti airport (capital of Tuvalu), they will be welcomed by the country’s children, immersed in the water, in a ditch built on the model of an island, with a call to climate singing: “Save Tuvalu, save the world. The climate crisis is more than a point on the agenda of a meeting in a host country that could be left uninhabitable by rising sea levels.

Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau was one of the first in the world to take into account, decades ago, the ecological danger threatening the oceans, he then alerted the world to the need for the protection of the environment … what have we done since then except to close our eyes or not to see what was evolving sneakily under water.

There is an absolute urgency! The first defense is the safeguarding of coral reefs which is why Pacific Development Foundation Europe and its mother company in Vanuatu will support all local actions that may contribute to the replantation of new coral reefs, the preservation of marine ecosystems and all personal initiatives going in this direction.

Vanuatu and the people of the Pacific turn to the sea they have always respected as it gave them the riches to live and they want to preserve it. These people need help! It is urgent to act now as their survival is at stake. The presence and actions of certain nations in these maritime areas are not primarily aimed at safeguarding and preserving the marine ecosystem. On the contrary, the plundering of marine resources, the destruction of coral reefs linked to global warming and climate change and irresponsible fishing, only accentuate the process.

PACIFIC DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION can not remain inactive in the face of this global ecological disaster. It is our mission to raise awareness, find philanthropists donors and financiers who can support the noble cause of coral preservation, the cradle of marine life. It is an issue. It is a survival. To paraphrase Captain Watson, “If the ocean dies, we die!”