“Pacific Development Foundation Banned Plastic”

Eight million tonnes of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year, choking our wildlife. Plastic pollution is the most visible example of the havoc we’re causing to our planet. From our local beaches to the remote Arctic, it is congesting our oceans and killing wildlife.

And it’s getting worse. Without a global response, there could be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. We need urgent action at the UN level to stop the catastrophic decline of nature – including an immediate agreement which will stop the leakage of plastics into the oceans. Countries need to be sensitized and crucial action must be taken. PACIFIC DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION is committed to monitoring local actions throughout the PACIFIC region. Every single country is part of this plastics crisis, and therefore everyone must be part of the solution. We need a united global response, with the world’s governments held accountable to end marine plastics pollution.

By coming together to tackle plastic pollution, we can show that with powerful, and collective action it is possible restore nature.